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Visual Studio Remote Debugger Firewall Error

An Error Occurred while launching remote debuggingThis is a relatively common problem (in my experience). Generally, ensuring that port 4022 for Visual Studio 2019 or 4020 if you’re using 2017 isn’t block by your networ

Goodbye Wordpress, Hello SSG

I’ve moved on to Hexo which is essentially a static site generator catered for blogging. The process was manually moving assets and articles over, but due to the ability of re-creating articles using Markdown, this was a

Image Mutation Pipeline - Reshaping and Overlay Images

OverviewIn this post, we’ll go over image manipulation via creating a pipeline, the goal of this post will be to create avatar, consisting of a user/character, then surrounding this picture with a frame as an overlay. Re

Angular Lazy Loading Modules with Ivy – Uncaught (in promise) error cannot find module

This is a quick post on an error I encountered whilst opting into the Ivy compiler (which should be here Nov 2019). Once you get through the initial errors, you may see the below in your console log: core.js:6014 ERROR E

Azure Pipeline- Fixing ‘The project was restored using Microsoft.NETCore.App version x.x.x

I couldn’t find an answer for this, so figured a quick post may help someone out on this issue since people are experiencing this. Initially despite best practice, explicitly setting a version for the Microsoft.AspNetCor

Broadcast data strategy with .NET Core, SignalR & Angular

In today’s post, we’re going to discuss an increasingly common requirement of tasks running within a web application. Depending upon your specialism you can think of these as service works, or simply background tasks. Fo

EF Core – Seed Data Strategy

In this post, we’re going to explore the relatively new entity data seeding method which was introduced with EF Core 2.1. It’s fantastic. Unlike it’s predecessor EF6, seed data can be associated with migrations and it’s

T4 Multiple File Outputs in a .NET Core Project

I recently needed to auto generate boilerplate classes for a project based upon reflection meta data. Having been a few years since I’d leveraged T4 for SQL Stored Proc generation and the awesome T4MVC template, surely t

NopCommerce 3.8 - Wait Operation Timeout

With NopCommerce I’ve noticed high waits on sql querys resolving when hitting a database in a test environment for local development. This problem becomes more apparent when your seed / test dataset is quite large. When

Fixing MSBuild CS103, CS012 Compiler Errors

Recently I needed to use MSBuild to compile a solution for a build server. The MSBuild was location at: C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\14.0\Bin The following errors were occurring despite this working in the past: error

HTML5 – Unknown JavaScript Web APIs

There’s a lot of cool things that HTML5 can do, using local storage for data saving/retrieval or acquiring a users geolocation for your custom Google map. Well it turns out there’s many many more JavaScript APIs than I h

ChromeDriver for data scraping

SeleniumI have used Selenium on occasion for automated frontend tests, it’s my go-to for web automation testing and provides an interface to enable browsers to use the libraries. ChromeDriver is the implementation of the

ChromeDriver Performance C#

ScenarioSo you’ve got a good test suite for automated browser testing, however you’re testing a web app with different user roles, or case scenarios, that 1 minute test has now grown to 5 and it’s becoming a bottleneck i

Writing in BEM using LESS

This is something I found myself thinking about when using the Block Element Module (BEM) methodology when coding using the preprocessor LESS. I like this for the follow reasons: Less repeating code Ability to change th