Micro Multi Tenanted Value Resolver Library ๐Ÿ“š

I’ve been recently dealing with enabling multi tenancy in a full stack application, the back end being ASP.NET Core. When looking into various multi tenant libraries I found them to have one or more characteristics:

  • The apis were quite complex, and required lots of documentation parsing
  • Difficult to plug in different value resolutions
  • Require lots of boilerplate code and implementation of services

Many of these libraries are designed to use configuration files or resolution databases in order to load credentials. I don’t like this, why?

The reason is simple, most credentials don’t belong in files such as appsettings.json. Instead, these should be stored in a Key Vault which has a host of benefits such as, permission management hardware level encryption and so on. Services such as Azure Key Vault have these benefits.

So, more to the point I’ve written a very, very small library which implements a Middleware pattern to essentially push specific credentials based upon a tenant resolution pattern into the current HttpContext. The NuGet package can be found here

The nice thing about Azure Key Vault is all secrets (depending upon access rights) can be loaded into IConfiguration on application build.

More information and the source can be found on GitHub:


Ash Grennan
Ash Grennan
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